Prof. H. S. Upadhyaya
Director - Admissions 2018
University of Allahabad

Dear Applicants,

It is the spring (Basant) season when the nature gives roots to the seeds and the trees flower. It is the time when nature invites the hidden energy of the tiny seeds and germinates them to evolve into trees which bear flowers and fruits for the benefit of the nature and humankind. Co-incidentally, this is the time when the young and bright minds look forward for planting themselves into the fertile soil of knowledge and wisdom for higher studies and shape themselves into the variety of social pillars who will lead, guide and shape the society in future.

University of Allahabad, with its long and illuminous history of more than 125 years, located on soil of the Indo-Gangetic plains and irrigated by the holy rivers has given us the Thinkers, Leaders, Scientists and Social Reformers who have been guiding the world and country all along, before and after the independance. The able guidance and leadership of the University Administration has undertaken numerous steps during the last few years to adopt to modern education system which is at par with the international standards and provide our students the best of the higher education in all the streams.

The admission process of the university has started with an endeavour of enrolling the best of the young students from all section of the society for its various courses for the Academic Session 2018-19. I assure you of my best efforts to ensure smooth admission process and extend my best wishes to all the applicants.