PGAT-I Admission Test 2018 Eligibility

Subject Candidates :

For all Courses mentioned in List I to IV please remember that Applications can be made for only those subjects with whom a candidate has appeared/passed Graduate in any stream, Third Year Examination or Equivalent Examination. No candidate is allowed to appear in any examination in which he/she has not appeared/passed at any stream of Graduation at Third Year.

Non-Subject Candidates:

Those students who wish to take admission in a subject in which they have not appeared/passed at Graduate in Final Year in any stream have an option to choose any one of the following subjects (a) Hindi (b) English (c) Med. & Mod. History (d) Ancient History (e) Political Science (f) Philosophy (g) Education she/he can indicate it at proper place in the form. But they cannot appear in PGAT examination in such subjects.